Examples of space projects

Satellite structural analysis and verifications

  • Engineering design and structural analysis support of satellites throughout the development phases
  • These includes structural assessment and verification of margin of safety in accordance with the project and ESA requirements
  • Detailed structure performance analysis for static, buckling, thermo-elastic, modal, dynamic sine and random vibrations
  • Satellite structures can be design in both metallic and composites materials
  • Local finite element modelling of components for detailed analysis 
  • The structural analysis is performed according to aerospace engineering standards and for a range of types of failures 
  • Shock damage and risk assessment of shock sensitive components e.g. electronic components / units, actuators etc. 
  • Structural performance reporting, including MoS and system budgets such as mass, inertia etc.
  • Environmental test campaign planning and correlation of FEM with test data
  • Structural analysis report for design reviews
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