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Space Industry challenges

Some private Space engineering companies and teams today encounter technical and financial challenges during the development phases of a system, which can strongly affect the delivery date or compliance of technical solutions. Majority of these engineering challenges are associated with lack of appropriate expertise, reliable technical data, standardised engineering processes and adequate software tools. 

More often than not, the ways in which these many engineering activities are performed can still heavily rely on tools and methods practiced since the Apollo missions. Despite the advancement in computer science, software development and the constant evolution in Space technology, the methods and processes practiced then are still being applied today.

Therefore, the Space industry today is desperate for a change in the way engineering is done. All the while these private companies are interested in generating big profits, being competitive, reducing the risks of failure or financial losses and increasing their efficiency. 

Financial Losses

It is observed that many of the engineering processes today are:

Outdated and manually intensive → time wasted

Prone to human errors → system failures

Under/over conservative → inefficient designs

Engineers want

Quick Actions


  • System design
  • Environmental constraints

Work with data from various formats

Iterate fast and run calculations in batches

Immediate impact

Tune system performance (MoS)

Take rapid decisions

Produce technical reports

Ensure system optimisation

Compliance with requirements

The solution

OX Origin offers software tool solutions to assist engineers in the Space industry with the system verification and optimisation process. The verification process implemented in the software tools is based on international standards such as ECSS, VDI etc.

Using this tools, engineers are able to take control of verifications and reporting while at the same time rapidly gain an insight into the critical design parameters which have an impact on the system(s) performance, thus enabling engineers to optimise the system.

Space Systems & Mechanical Engineering

OX Origin offers support for systems engineering or mechanical system development from concept to commercialisation. We strive to engage quickly and professionally with engineering teams to provide a wide range of expertise during any of the key phases on the Space product development process. 

Our objective is to become your preferred process partners, helping you address your most pressing development challenges.

The services offered are flexible and tailored for the client’s needs, including the location of service and tools provided, i.e. working on site or remotely & with or without the client’s engineering tools, aimed at delivering rapid engineering solutions at a lower cost.

Our engineering expertise in the Space industry

Concept & Trade-off Studies
  • Conceptual design and development with CAD
  • Trade-offs analysis and design iterations
  • Design for conventional and non-conventional manufacturing