OX Origin was born in 2020, in the heart of Transylvania, out of passion for solving challenging engineering problems and streamlining the current engineering process in the Space industry which is still based on the "old school" labour intensive and menial tasks that are innefficient and extremely prone to human error.

OX Origin specialises in the development of both novel software tools and advanced systems for the high-tech industries such as Space.

Our goal is to help companies innovate, digitalise and streamline their engineering development process by using time and capital more efficiently.

Our ultimate mission is to make a significant contribution to humanity's technological advancement.


Ilie Ciobanu

Ilie Ciobanu



An enthusiastic and benevolent Astronautics Engineer with expertise in Space systems development. Enjoys engaging and exchanging knowledge with individuals at all levels and solving a diverse range of challenging problems.

The foundation of my achievements to date lies in my ability to work and network with people from different backgrounds & organisations. 

Over the past years have contributed to an exciting range of Space engineering programmes in Europe. These not only helped me develop and become more independent. It gave me a purpose and courage to have a positive impact on the humanity's Space technological advancement. 


  • MSc Space Technology, Cranfield University, UK
  • BEng(Hons) Astronautics Engineering, Kingston University London, UK


  • Structures & mechanisms engineering
  • +10yrs industry experience in product engineering for Space applications
  • Past involvement on Space systems start-up

Alex Bugnar

Alex Bugnar



An engineer at heart with the desire to break apart from the pack and make a difference in the world, in his own way.

Alex has gained experience in the scientific sector through his time managing the Precision Metrology Lab at UK’s national synchrotron facility, Diamond Light Source, where he’s had the opportunity to influence the design of scientific equipment used in state-of-art research.

His role there also involved development of software for precision metrology. This was complemented by a shift to the automotive sector, where he’s led the development of software tools used in R&D and mass-production of Electronic Control Units (ECUs).


  • MSc Ultra Precision Technologies, Cranfield University, UK
  • MBA, Imperial College Business School, UK


  • 5 years – precision metrology for scientific research

  • 5 years – bespoke software tools development


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Aerospace Systems / Mechanical / Structural / Mechanisms Engineers

We are interested to speak with engineers with University qualifications in Aerospace industry that have experience in either of these domains: systems engineering, mechanical design, structural verification, and CAE. For more details, please send us a message with your CV.



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