Examples of space projects

Pointing mechanisms engineering

  • Provided support and expertise for mechanical, pointing mechanisms and thermal engineering activities
  • Participated at design reviews such as PDR and CDR
  • Conducted detailed verification of mechanism including tolerance analysis
  • Bearing sizing and verification, interfaces MoS, thermo-mechanical distortion analysis and gravity-release
  • M / E ground support equipment, system requirements specification, propellant tubing and electrical harness routing design
  • Evaluated the resistive torque of mechanisms electrical harness through tests
  • Defined the manufacture procedure, resistive torque and electrical test plans
  • Verification and qualification sequence for sub-systems e.g. resistive torque, radiation, lifetime, cold weld, etc.
  • Opto-mechanical system engineering, design and analysis
  • Designed for non conventional manufacturing such as 3D printing of titanium components
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